The Circular Challenge

The Circular Challenge

As the attached picture highlights, the circular model is the most sustainable method of fashion consumption. We know you (our customers) are all about the pursuit of sustainability, so this year we want to cater completely for you (our circular fashion conscious consumers).

Up-cycled and GORGEOUS  pre-loved items will become our rallying cry, to say "No more throwaway fashion!" . Together, we will pressure the fashion industry to change how fashion is made and inspire our peers (because you look totally fabulous) on how it should be consumed. 

To check out the up-cycled and pre-loved items added so far, go to the Marjas  section on our home page. 

Note:  A ‘circular fashion consumer’ is a person who appreciates the true value of a garment, a pair of shoes, or accessory, including all work that lies behind and all precious natural resources that have been used throughout its supply chain. He/she aims to hold on to its belongings for as long as possible, and to use them a maximum number of times during their lifetime. In all, he/she wishes to contribute to a fashion industry that is ‘circular as opposed to linear’, in which nothing goes to waste and everything is utilized, reutilized, repurposed and recycled in the most effective and sustainable manner possible. (

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Image credit : @circular.flanders