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      Considered Fashion - Looking at Cotton.

      Considered Fashion - Looking at Cotton.-Aware... the social design project

      Our consumption decisions have the power to redesign the world for the better, I believe this with my whole heart! The whole purpose of 'Aware...the social design project' is to make people "aware" of things, so that better, more socially empowering and ecologically friendly purchase decisions can be made. Here area few words explaining why choosing organic cotton matters.

      Cotton is breathable, it will last far more wears in between washing than synthetic fibres. Reducing water usage and your energy bill. The natural fibres of organic cotton are hypo-allergenic, making it the perfect choice for even the most sensitive skin. Basically, organic cotton is the best form of cotton, both for the planet, the growers and the people who wear the clothing.

      Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment, with systems in place to replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic pesticides and fertilisers, and build biologically diverse agriculture. And organic cotton is naturally biodegradable. 

      Non-organic cotton because it uses harmful synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides, does bad things, it:

      • Contaminates the soil, making it more difficult to grow future crops in a natural manner.
      • Not only do many of these chemicals remain within the fibres as they find their home with the end consumer. 
      • Destroys eco-systems and,
      • Poisons farmers and factory workers. According to the World Health Organisation, over 20,000 deaths are reported from pesticide poisoning and over 10,000 farmers die from cancers related to them.

      Here are a few of my personal favourite organic cotton options that can be found online:  

      Global Mamas, The Swing Dress: This dress/tunic has two smock pockets and sleeves that can be turned up for a chic look. Looks great with tights or jeans under. All Global Mamas garments are made from GOTs certified cotton.

      The most recognised certification body of organic cotton is GOTS. A GOTS certified product has been checked, so they can endorse that the product meets world standard best practice in organic cotton production. 

      This brand is also World Fair Trade Guaranteed product.  

      Hand Woven tailored pants: "The most comfortable tailored high waist pant I have ever worn" (said by every customer whom has purchased this pant). Its probably why its a best seller! Any one who wears dress pants to work, you NEED these pants in your wardrobe!. The producer of this pant use only GOT certified cotton and are endorsed by Fair Trade Australia.  

      Sargent Pepper Jacket: A great festival style looking jacket. This jacket updates any outfit into a fun look. This brand is focused on eco dyes and small scale cottage production. 

      After reading this you are now a more considered customer, armed with options to make a you a better social design consumer. 


      Yvie xo 

      Founder of 'Aware..the social design project'

       #FashRev #slowfashion #GOTS #Organiccotton #awaregirl

      ***Header image is sourced from: . The link provides information about the importance of choosing Fair Trade Cotton.  ***