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      Join Our Sustainable Fashion Journey with "Wear Next" Book Club!

      Join Our Sustainable Fashion Journey with "Wear Next" Book Club!

      You are invited  to a literary adventure that transcends pages and stitches together a narrative of change – with the book "Wear Next" by Clare Press.

      At the intersection of style and sustainability, Vogue's first sustainability editor, Clare Press, takes us on a transformative journey through the tangled threads of the fashion industry in her book, "Wear Next." Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of our clothing choices and discover a more sustainable path? While meeting like minded friends along the way.

      👗 What to Expect:

      It will be a very, very informal and a slow read as its more about digging into each topic. Perfect for the " I am not really a reader" type of book club.

      No sign ups, just occasional meet ups (see at end of this blog for our first one), and you only need to come when you want. No obligations. 

      How fast you read the book is up to you, however and the topics for our meet ups will reflect the chapters in the time frame as we are exploring it. This is our reading schedule for this month:

      January -  Introduction and Unveiling the Fashion Ecosystem 

      Week 1: Get the book! 

      Week 2: What Now?, Today & Tomorrow (pg 1- 43)

      Week 3: You Choose 1. Conscious (pg 47- 64)

      Week 4: You Choose . 2. Fair (pg 67-82)

      At the start of the year, we'll introduce you to the visionary Clare Press and set the stage for understanding the current state of the fashion industry.

      Share your fashion journey with fellow members and explore the wasteful aspects of the industry.

      February - Its all about LOVE

      Week 5: You Choose . 3. Slow  & 4. Even Faster (pg 85-117)  

      Week 6: You Choose 5. 7 Upcycled (pg 119 - 151)

      Week 7: You Choose . 6. Community &. 7. Less (pg 137 - 166)

      Week 8: You Choose . 8. Local and 9. Global (pg169 - 196)

      In the month of love, we'll fall head over heels for the innovators and creative thinkers who are redesigning fashion from the ground up. Join our discussions on the groundbreaking solutions presented in "Wear Next" and be inspired by the possibilities. Plus, we will have an expert session with a local sustainable fashion guru! This month we will have a upcycle class and a fashion swap. 

      March -  Envisioning the Future of Fashion

      Week 9: You Choose . 10 Traceable (pg 199 - 209)

      Week 10: You Choose . 11 Repaired & 12 Shared (pg 211- 235)

      Week 12: You Choose . 13 Regenerative & 14 Biointeligent  (pg 237 - 264)

      In the final stretch, We'll delve into the future of work in the fashion industry and explore the impact of sustainable practices on employment. You will have the opportunity to engage in a hands-on workshop, to experiment with sustainable fashion DIY, and witness firsthand the transformative power of conscious choices

      April - How far is too far with technology in fashion?. And then reflection and Review 

      Week 13: You Choose .15  Robotic  (pg 267 - 276)

      Week 14: You Choose . 16 Digital (pg 279 - 294)

      Week 15: FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK - Reflection and Review

      Our journey culminates in how far technology has come. We will then have a reflection on the transformative insights gained from "Wear Next."   

      ****It's not just a book club; it's a community fostering sustainable fashion enthusiasts.*** - Yvie

      Why Join the "Wear Next" Book Club?

      🌱 Deep Dive into Sustainable Fashion: Discover the world of sustainable fashion through a lens that goes beyond trends. Gain insights into the innovators shaping a brighter future for the industry.

      🤝 Community Engagement: Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about sustainable living. Share your fashion journey, learn from others, and be part of a community driving change.

      🎓 Interactive Workshops and Guest Speakers: Immerse yourself in engaging discussions, workshops, and sessions with experts in sustainable fashion. It's not just about reading; it's about living and breathing a sustainable lifestyle.

      💡 Inspiration for Action: Equip yourself with practical knowledge and creative ideas to integrate sustainable choices into your daily life. From DIY sessions to envisioning a sustainable fashion future, we're not just readers; we're doers.

      How to Join:

      1. Get Your Copy: Grab a copy of "Wear Next" by Clare Press from your favorite bookstore or library.
      2. Sign Up: Each Friday, simply just check out our social media platforms; Facebook or Insta for key event dates, live feeds and discussion topics. 
      3. Mark Your Calendar:  As we progress we will post the key dates and you can choose which of the events you want to participate in. 

      Are you ready to transform your wardrobe and mindset? Join the "Wear Next" Book Club, where fashion meets sustainability, and together, we'll weave a tale of positive change. 🌿✨

      Let's make fashion a force for good!


      Yvie xo

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