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      Calling All Revolutionaries - Upcycle Competition

      Calling All Revolutionaries - Upcycle Competition

      Theme: “Awareness is Key to Create Social Redesign”


      Entry is Free.  


      Key Dates:

      • Entry form closes 8th Oct.
      • Submission for stage 1 has been extended to the 1st December (Word (PDF), Power point or TikTok presentation or even as an emailso long as you have the information and photos required as outlined under, it can even be submitted as a letter )
      • Those that go to Stage 2 (Top 20) will be notified by 30th Dec (Date has been extended).
      • Peoples Choice voting open 3rd Jan..  
      • Winners will be announced 16th Jan.  

      To make sure that your submission is successful, read the following information that details the terms and conditions. How to enter is explained at the end of this page.



      1st Place: $500 Cash

      2nd Place: $100 Gift Card

      3rd Place: $50 Gift Card

      Peoples Choice award: $100 Gift Card


      What you need to do

      Make one Upcycled Outfit that fits the theme: “Awareness is Key to Create Social Redesign”


      Competition Guidelines

      • Participants must be Include at least 5 photos documenting the creative process.  Photo one of the materials used, photo two the creative process photos 3-5 documenting the making process.  These must be submitted via email when submitting the final creation (Detailed in stage 1 submission requirements).
      • Must be interested in exploring upcycled design concepts to potentially solve or respond to modern day textile waste problems. A paragraph on how your design does this is to be submitted with final garment
      • Participants must create an upcycled design concept with this year's theme, “Awareness is Key to Create Social Redesign” in mind. Make your audience think, spark some debate or discussion about this topic.
      • Design and build an upcycled "creation into a commercially viable outfit. We want to take the idea of upcycling mainstream and are looking for designs to be sharp but accessible
      • Materials used must include upcycled/recycled materials. The materials used and where they are sourced MUST be included with the final submission
      • Submissions may be made by individuals or groups of two. For group submissions the financial award will be split equally among the two applicants (no exceptions)


      Stage 1: Submission Requirements:

      Provide in what ever medium (email, poster, tic toc, word doc etc) you like but it must include;

      • Design process
      • Outline of the representation of the theme “Awareness”
      • Description of how the piece was designed and created, material usage, explanation of all other materials used and how they were sourced/ reclaimed, why those choices were made
      • Must include very clear visuals of final design
      Please note: 
      Any images you provide may be shared to promote this event. We will give you credit and attach your hyperlink (if social media link advised on entry submission). 
       Video submission must be no longer than 15 minutes in length and should include clear lighting, visuals and audio


      If you have gone through to stage 2. When outfit is dropped off it must have with it an A4 print out that is to be displayed with your garment, It must have the following on it:

      1. Name that you are registered under in competition
      2. Photos documenting the creative process.
      3. Photo one showing the materials used,
      4. Photo two the creative process
      5. Photos 3-5 documenting the making process. These must be submitted via email when submitting the final creation.
      6. A paragraph that explains how the garment solves or responds to modern day textile waste problems.


      Judging Criteria/ Matrix for stage 1 and 2

      • Innovative use of reclaimed materials sourced (30 Points)
      • Representation of the theme “Awareness is Key to Create Social Redesign” (15 Points)
      • Creativity, quality, finishing and workmanship of completed design. The reason this is so high is that we want to prove that upcycle can be a fashion solution (30 points)
      • Ability to articulate (through video submission) the design process, inspiration, rationale for selected materials and overall messaging of theme (10 points)
      • Originality of design (15 points)
      • The garments will be 50% peoples choice vote and 50% Industry expert Vote. The judges include – Fiona Wright from the Stitching Project, Julie Lantry who is a sustainable fashion and beauty expert, Yvie Scott from Aware the social design project and a internationally known Australian Slow Fashion Fair Trade Label will be a surprise judge. 


      How the competition will work.

      The top 50 submissions that are regarded as a commercial standard garment and you choose to sell online it will be displayed online at and will be available for sale (if you are an upcycle business and have a tax file number, your profile will also be included with a direct link to your social media, web page etc (Free marketing :D). Please allow for 25% commission and GST, where applicable for items placed for sale.

      Please note that garment submitted and are available for sale will become the property of "Aware… the social design project" until the 3rd of Feb, Unsold garments can be collected from our physical shop location or can be posted to the artist (Return postage cost will need to be covered). All items Must be collected back by 10th Feb, if it is not collected it will become the property of Aware...The social design project. 


      The top 20 submissions are those that make it to the stage 2

      Will be called and formally invited to the Fashion Revolution Show. Their entry to the event is Free.

      Calling All Revolutionaries Event Tickets $15 each person (for anyone who wishes to attend)


      People's Choice Award

      There will be a vote for your favourite via an online entry form at the Aware... the social design project website..

      Voting open 1st Dec.

      You can only vote once, if there are multiple votes by the same person this persons vote will be omitted. 

      Each vote counts as one entry to win $100 Gift Card at Aware…the social design project  (can be used online or instore)

      Winners will be announced at a special event in late Jan. Stay tuned!

      To enter email copy and past following information with answers to as subject put "(your entry name) and Upcycle Comp 2022" :

      First Name:

      Last Name:

      Entry Name:

      Business Name (if applicable):

      ABN (if applicable):

      Link address that you would like attached to your image when publishing your media/photos(eg.Facebook: @Awarethesocialdesignproject): 

      Do you want to have your entered garment(s) for sale: Yes or No

      Have you read and understand the terms and conditions above: Yes or No (Do not submit this until you do understand them)


      Evolution of Fashion ... Looks Good to Me :)

      Evolution of Fashion ... Looks Good to Me :)-Aware... the social design project

      When I first started doing Fair Trade fashion 7 years ago, it was a time when it was difficult to source organic cotton, it wasn’t fashionable to op shop and up-cycling fashion was not a thing.

      But how things have changed! Within the last few years sustainability has become an increasingly mainstream topic of conversation. For example, now we have the following sustainability organisations paving the way for a more ethical fashion industry:

      • Good On You: Is an ethical rating fashion app that rates clothing and accessories on their level of goodness. It gives power to the the customer, who can check brand ratings whilst they shop and discover ethical and sustainable fashion labels from around the world.
      • The Fashion Advocate: Is a blog, movement and ethical fashion website, it is rated #17, as one of Australia’s top influencers.  The purpose of this business is about “sharing meaningful content ……. for positive social and environmental change“. 
      • Eco Warrior Princess: In their own words it “is a media brand that is redefining what it means to live green”. This site is one of my favourites, I highly recommended going there for quality eco journalism.   
      • The Fashion Revolution: Created as a response to raise awareness after the Rana Plaza factory tragedy in 2013. Each year in April, the group hosts Fashion Revolution Week and the #whomademyclothes campaign, which uses social media to petition fashion brands into providing supply chain information. It lets particularly big businesses know the consumer cares.  
      • Redress: Started to address reduce textile waste in Asia. It has moved this to a global level by creating the ‘The Redress Design Award’, a global platform for young design talent— this year it received applications from 56 countries. “By going global, we can educate and then gather the brightest design minds from around the world and harness their creativity to create a global shift in the way we design, produce, consume and ultimately dispose of our clothes,” - Christina Dean (Founder of the Redress)
      • Make Fashion Circular: Advocates for fashion to think in a circular economy mindset, were innovation is required to reduce waste and improve the longevity of clothing to avoid it becoming waste.
      • Eco-Age: The Green Carpet Challenge that was initiated by Livia Firth, propelled ethical fashion into the global spotlight by partnering brands with celebrities for high-profile, media saturated events like the Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival.
      • Sustainable Apparel Coalition: A group that evaluate the whole industry on a unified set of standards. It is made up of over 220 institutions across the industry, including retailers, suppliers, trade associations, nonprofits and brands.

      And this was just naming a few!!!!! ****Happy dance****

      It’s become very competitive in the ethical and sustainable market and, people who are our target market are shopping less and up-cycling more.  Its really, really tough! But it is wonderful that this is happening 😊. So much has changed in my years as an ethical fashion producer and retailer and it inspires me to do it even better. 


      Yvie xo.

      Photo: I would like to thank the model @stephaniefairhall and photographer @purely_Visual_photography.  Model is Dressed our in house label Awear...Social Re-design.