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      Social Re- Design Fashion

      Social Re- Design Fashion-Aware... the social design project

      'Aware... the social design project' is very selective about the brands we choose to support. They must demonstrate that their product is about creating a positive social re-design. 

      Here we celebrate artisan, hand made,eco and Fair Trade. 

      We are committed to continue supporting all our Fair Trade partners whom have had production issues due to Covid19. This business is about people, and improving social design, it is not fast fashion. Our producers depend on our orders for their lively-hood. And during this time they need it now more than ever to stay safe and healthy. If we have sell this years winter next year - So be it :).

      Our own in-house label is called '' re-design". We are also experiencing production delays due to Covid19 .  Our team in India are having a much more difficult situation than us in Australia, it breaks my heart. They are scared but many still come to work, as they need to earn money. Its a small comfort knowing they are being paid well and are in production facility that has their safety in mind. 

      To all my customers whom have been supporting us through this time. I am so grateful. Because of you, this business can keep my commitments to all of my Fair Trade partners.

      Much love,

      Yvie xo

      Social Entrepreneur, dreamer and doer :)