Australian Designers

'Aware... the social design project' is very selective about the brands we choose to support.

  • No Green washing is allowed.
  • The goods can't be mass produced. 
  • It must be hand made.
  • Its a small scale production where the designer has a personal connection with the producers.
  • The business needs to demonstrate that their product is about creating a positive social re design. redesign' is our in house label. The clothing is designed by an Australian Novocastrian designer. They are made in Lucknow India in a Fair Trade endorsed production facility. Fabrics sought are ethical and organic. Handloomed and hand embroidery are a common feature of this range. The designs are slightly edgy while still maintaining to a sense of timelessness.

'Aware...the social design project' is about creating and sourcing design partners whom want  to change the worlds social design for the better though fashion. Our label is to help us keep abreast of the fashion industry and to ensure that we can demonstrate how it can be done well. 

Coastal Street Party:

Designed in Australia by a Coffs Harbour designer, Michelle Moodie. Made in Lucknow, India, from sustainable, organic cotton and botanical dyes. 

"Beautiful ethical garments & things for the home. We're about peace, joy & love; for the people, the environment & all the earth's creatures." - Michelle Moodie, designer & founder of Coastal Street Party.


They invest a lot of time in building good relationships with the families who make their products. They pay them fair wages and treat them with respect and dignity.

Ethical trading is at the heart of their business and they believe this is the way business should be done. By selling fair trade clothing in Australia they are making it possible for Indonesian families to achieve improved trading conditions, and get paid the wages their work deserves.

"These are original designs to help promote fair trade as a fashion force to be reckoned with, so as to make the industry take notice. By doing what we do to the highest standard, we hope to make a contribution towards changing the current culture of fast fashion into a more sustainable and ethical model that will ultimately help close the gap of global financial inequality."  -  Anna, owner and designer of Stich'd.


Designed by an Australian who works beside women from the slums of a small city in India towards reducing their burden of poverty through stable employment and training in a secure working environment. They are proud to be endorsed as a Fair Trader of Australia.

Zenana, features the lovely hand-done embroidery of the Lucknow region on beautiful hand-woven cotton fabrics.


Sinerji is an eco-label designed on the Sunshine Coast and made using organic natural fibres, non-toxic dyes, and fairtrade partnerships.

Sinerji produces patterns in Australia and travels each year to work personally with the farmers who grow the organic cotton, and the tailors who sew the garments, with two production teams in Northern Thailand and India. 

Sinerji is renowned for creating fun pieces; well-shaped trousers, skirts and dresses that feel amazing, in organic natural fibres, with distinct hand-drawn illustrations that are printed using non-toxic dyes & water-based prints. 

Designed to celebrate and flatter all body shapes, with integrity from pattern to garment, a passion for creativity and for storytelling, Sinerji is instantly recognisable.