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      Social Re- Design Fashion

      Social Re- Design Fashion-Aware... the social design project

      'Aware... the social design project' is very selective about the brands we choose to support. They must demonstrate that their product is about creating a positive social re-design. 

      Here we celebrate artisan, hand made, eco and Fair Trade. 


      Our own in-house label is called '' re-design".  With this brand we aim to inspire our customers to go "all the way". Our fabrics are organic khadi, handwoven cotton. We are proudly a slow fashion brand that resists automation and champions the artisan. Every item is done by hand; hand embordered, hand block printed, and botanically (eco) dyed.  Every step of the way our intention is to make a beautiful product that has a positive impact such as providing dignified safe employment and the process is kind to the environment -Our brand is all about improving social design. For more info about why we are so passionate about this read our blog.

      Much love,

      Yvie xo

      Social Entrepreneur, dreamer and doer :)