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      A shared dream for a better world

      “I am uncompromising with brands, and I am passionate about mentoring and giving a go to small independent Australian labels who are passionate about sustainable fashion, Fair Trade, artisan and eco.”
      Yvie Scott | Founder | Aware… The Social Design Project


      Sustainable fashion’s Fair Trade warrior: Yvie Scott

      Aware… The Social Design Project’s Yvie has lived a bold life of conscience and awareness of the plight of others. Through a principled upbringing, and professional experience in the environmental sector, Yvie was well aware of the growing imbalances in modern society. Add to these the mounting concerns for the environment, and she knew more needed to be done.

      Initially with a dream of one-day working for an NGO or environmental company, Yvie never imagined what life had in store for her.

      Inspired by a dear friend with a shared vision for a better world, plans for Aware… The Social Design Project began in earnest. The two women knew more needed to be done to rectify social inequalities and support environmental conservation efforts. Something tangible. Something with impact.

      Sadly, Yvie’s friend succumbed to illness, however the project forever remains her legacy.

      Ethical followers of fashion

      Aware… The Social Design Project is a place for passionate, educated, inspired action-takers who want to do more than simply accept what is. They are filled with compassion and curiosity and know there is more to life than simply keeping the status-quo. Eyes for design and hearts of gold, Aware… The Social Design Project customers are committed to empowering and uplifting themselves and others.

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      The 10 Tenets of Fair Trade

      We wholly subscribe to the principles behind sustainable fashion and Fair Trade practices. They are as follows:

      1. Create opportunities for disadvantaged producers
      2. Complete transparency & accountability
      3. Uphold Fair Trade practices
      4. Ensure fair payment
      5. Never child labour or forced labour
      6. No discrimination: Gender equality and freedom of association
      7. Ensure good working conditions
      8. Provide opportunities for capacity building
      9. Promote Fair Trade
      10. Show respect for the environment

      For more information on each of these principles, visit the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand website.