Its a Fashion Revolution!

Its a Fashion Revolution!

It's heart warming how huge the Fashion Revolution movement has become. It honors those within the fashion industry whom have been exploited, especially those who suffered due to the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1138 people and injured many more on 24th April 2013. It was that day the the Fashion Revolution was born.

This year our Fashion Revolution stand has been focusing on slowing everything down; to make higher quality, hand made and more sustainable items. We have been radical enough to even try and close the loop. For example, making up-cycled items (our "Marjas" label), using unsold stock or with items that were not "op shop" suitable such as work polo shirts and security vests. 

We are still passionate about organic, natural fiber textiles, and creating styles with our " re-design" label that are iconic, long lasting and artisan. Just this week our fabric supplier has finished hand looming our organic cotton and they are about to dye the fabric using low impact methods. Then they will be made in a gorgeous Fair Trade production facility in Lucknow India by this amazing team (see attached photo). 

If you want to check out what we are doing - On the 21st April we are collaborating with "The Fair Trade Hub" at Hamilton Clock Tower Markets located (Beaumont st, Hamilton) from 9am till 2pm. This is a Fashion Revolution and Sustainability advocacy event. Hope to see you there :). 



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