I have no idea what I am doing!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea what I am doing!!!!!!!!!!

A little while ago I had an epiphany. It was an “AAAAAAAA” the sun dapples through clouds moment. The event occurred while reading a peppermint pull-out that said;


For years, my Fair Trade fashion business more often than not felt like a constant blundering forward with the occasional shocked “wow that worked". This haphazard method of business growth was destructive, stressful and bloody time consuming. It sucked!. It required insane amounts of effort, money and it killed relationships (because I had no time for them). I become crazy in the process.

Truth being told, you do need to be a little nutty to do what I do. A kinder description would be; OCD ‘’passionate about the cause” kind of girl. Thankfully, my target market or rather my tribe is interested, kind and intelligent. THANK GOD!!!. And just between us (wink), I think they are just as just as OCD and some even more passionate than me. Together we want to change the world, one right choice at a time. I love them, and they make it all worth it. They constantly remind me there are good humans, and despite the occasional setbacks, I know we have got each other’s back to make good stuff happen.

Back to the “I don’t know anything”. Once I recognised that a.) I am crazy and determined enough, and b.) that I don’t know what I am doing., I realised I needed to rectify b.). For me my weakest area of knowledge was accounting, so I started studying finance.

Studying accounting and applying it to my business made it even more apparent that I didn’t know what I was doing. The $15, 000 loss in one financial year was the flag - It shattered me. The business was both growing and sinking at the same time. Accounting has allowed me to find where my business is leaking, and fortunately I am turning it around.

So the nuts of it is; sometimes a productive push doesn’t come from a positive meme, but rather it could be one that kicks you in the ego, so hard that you have to do something about it. Because my business deserved more than this blundering fool. 

The peppermint poster is still up in my office. Every day, I want to remind myself that despite the fact that I will never know what I am doing, I have the power to constantly work at knowing how to do it better.

Everyday I am learning a tiny bit more about what I am doing, better yet, I'm becoming more aware of what I still have no Idea about. 

Thank you Peppermint magazine.     


Yvie xo