Waste is a design flaw!!!!!!

Waste is a design flaw!!!!!!

Our goal for 2018 for ‘Aware… social design project’ is to highlight how waste is a design flaw.

Unfortunately, many materials are wasted during the production process. Over the past two years myself and many of the designers that I work with have discovered that waste can be a resource. We have made use of discarded and remnant materials by making purses, bags, accessories and bears.

Our focus on timeless styles, and quality construction is very much a part of our goal to minimise fashion waste. This is because most of post – consumer waste is created by poor design and quality.

This year we want to challenge ourselves even further - we want to try to close the loop on fashion waste and help others do this too. This will be done with ‘Marjas’ a collaborative label between ‘Aware…the social design project’ and ‘Cranky Frankie’. You can read about the journey of this partnership via this link: https://projectsbybree.weebly.com/blog---marjas .

The next step is challenge the system; to do this we need to change the culture that it thrives on. That is why this year our awareness focus will be to show others how to think differently about their clothes. Our catchphrase is “awareness is key” to change things, so much of our content will be addressing this area. Also, this year Yvie will be focusing her talks on these issues.  

We still want our customers to continue to love fashion and continue to embrace it as a way to creatively reflect individuality, but, we want everyone to question the habits and the impact this has on our planet. We want to lead consumers towards a revolutionary way of thinking, that value is not defined by the latest trends but by the beautiful stories behind our clothes.

Finally, we want everyone to learn to love their clothes, rather than lust after the temporary high created by the consumption process and the newness of things. We want to help start a love affair with clothes, one that results in a long-term commitment, so they are mended, restored and redesigned, so that the beautiful story continues into something of importance and great value. To facilitate this, we will be holding “Love Clothes” gatherings. Here we will learn and inspire each other to reuse, swap and repurpose what we have.

This is going to be a VERY exciting year!!!!!!!