Strange & Scary Times At Our Fair Trade Production Facility During Covid19

Strange & Scary Times At Our Fair Trade Production Facility During Covid19

Things in India are getting worse, even though businesses are generally open. Several long-term staff have decided not to return to work. I don’t blame them at all. Everyone must do whatever they need to feel safe. They're missed though.

One staff member fell sick with a fever. It's a strange day when you're relived that she has typhoid! She's on treatment and recovering. It means the loss of another valued worker.

The loss of key staff has made it tricky to get the work done – But we are ok with it needing to go slow. We are a brand that advocates “slow fashion” after all.

This experience provides an opportunity to share with my customers, the beauty of slow fashion. The most important beautiful element being that safety and the well-being of my workers come first, fashion can wait. Then I can prove that a collection made with quality and in a timeless style, will till be relevant and perhaps even more endearing. Fair Trade fashion like mine is made with care and love.

There is an ever-present concern of the eventuality of a case of Covid being found in a neighbouring property. If that happens everything will be closed until any cell is fully identified and quarantined. Small areas are being shut down every day in the city. Its frightening for my production workers and it breaks my heart.

To deal with a lock-down work is being put into the hands of the tailors as much as is possible, so they can take it home and work if the workroom itself is closed.

I pray that offering employment guided by Fair Trade principles will make life a little more tolerable during this time. The dialogue between the production facility has highlighted that we are so fortunate here in Australia. Now, more than ever, the privilege we have (in comparison to my team in India) is boldly apparent. I am grateful that my little business with the support of my customers can make a difference, especially during this time.

Please pray for my team. 


Yvie xo

Dreamer and doer of a better world :).