YOU can be a social designer


It is when someone alters his or her behavior in a positive way in response to any deliberate message that ultimately could benefit the greater good.

Ways you can increase awareness to contribute towards improving social design:


Why not become a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and NZ : .


This site has great resources and the funds made from membership goes towards profile raising for the Fair Trade movement.


For information on how to do this please contact us:


Have some friends over to see a move that highlights the need for there to be a fairer system. Below are a few good movies to help do this:

City of Joy (India)
Tsotsi 15 (South Africa)
City of God 18 (Brazil)
The Constant Gardener 15 (Kenya)
The Whistle Blower 15 (Bosnia) (released Aug/Sep 2011)
Stolen (UK)
The Sugar babies (rating unknown) (Haiti)


1. The challenge:

To spend a day or a weekend the way a billion spend a lifetime. The idea is that for a short time we’d choose to make the reality of the world’s poor our reality. Get sponsored to face challenges that some of the poorest people in our world experience on a daily basis; raise money for change and be changed in the process. Build a shelter, try and earn a wage and see what can happen when poverty takes away your freedom. Get together with your mates, set a fundraising target and sign up to Slum It!

2. Educate the Facts:

Around 1 billion people – that’s about one sixth of the world’s population – live in slums. Life in townships, favelas and temporary settlements across the world is hard. Often situated on the outskirts of cities, these slums are populated by people and families who’ve travelled to urban centres to find work… often unsuccessfully.

The everyday normality of life in our own country is alien to the world’s temporary settlements. Running water, electricity, employment, schools and other basic services are rarely present. The cramped conditions mean disease and crime are usually rife. Just as bad is the ‘temporary’ nature of slums. They are often not officially sanctioned government communities and thus ignored on maps and in council policy. The threat of bulldozers tearing down slum settlements is always present.

Poverty like this doesn’t just take away luxuries or even basic services; it takes away people’s very freedom. There are 27 million people living as slaves today and many, if not most of them have come from the world’s slums. Raise AWAREness and generate funds that will go in some way towards bringing an end to an industry which sees a staggering 800,000 poor and vulnerable people trafficked each year, 50% of whom are children.

3 To get the best social design impact from the event:

The event should be a simulation experience designed to help connect people with the lives of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.

By spending a few days the way a billion spend a lifetime, living in a temporary shelter, eating a limited diet and facing tough challenges and choices you can seek to both raise funds and AWAREness of the poverty and lack of freedom that people suffer in the world’s slums. Why not get participants to get sponsored to take part in the challenge. The money raised can go to the work of projects working in poor communities throughout the world. Here is a site to help you pick a charity- It rates and lists organisations whom are doing exeptionally great work in social design:

4. A few movies to help illustrate different aspects of slum life:

You can use also use scenes from movies to illustrate different aspects of slum life and slavery (though bear in mind the age certificate, some of the films WILL not be appropriate to show to your group. Some of these movies feature violence and sex scenes. Choose scenes carefully that illustrate aspects of slum life rather than screening the whole movie). For list of movie see list provided above for movie nights




Warm Regards,

Yvonne (Yvie) Johnston

Social Entrepreneur
“AWARE…The social design project”
ABN: 81814767962
Note: Statistics, image and concept have been extracted from:

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