Leggings - Plain and Printed

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The most comfortable leggings! So good for so many reasons. They are well shaped and flattering for yoga. Perfect for everyday comfort with an oversized top if you'd rather just skip class. Fantastic for layering under any item. These leggings not only breathe and are amazing as a thermal too.

Choose the prints to spice up any outfit and add some colour to your Autumn, Winter or Spring.

Pair with any of our dresses, or the loose Raglan top.

Sinerji Bamboo / Organic cotton leggings are made up of 60% Oeko-Tex certified Bamboo and 35% G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified Organic cotton, with 5% elastane (unfortunately unavoidable, but fortunately minimal :-). Dyes are G.O.T.S certified. Prints are water-based (no plasticides). Bamboo/organic cotton has natural "give" and will relax approx 0.5cm after first wear.

Sinerji is an endorsed Fair Trader of Australia.

Sizes are XS-XL, equivalent to 8-18.