Cranki Franki - The Denim Dress

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This dress is made from 100% light weight brushed cotton denim. The drape is beautiful. Size 10-12.

It has been restyled  and mended. She has bleached and sewn a red zig-zag pattern on the arms and bottom of the dress. What was a boring dress, has now become joyful!   

There is only ONE of this dress. It is unique. When we all come out of our caves we will want a party dress that says,  "lets do life better and make consumerism a solution to something (such as employment and creativity etc), rather than a problem for society (such as waste and exploitation)".

Let me tell you about Bree the owner of Cranki Franki. She is an artist with a fine arts degree. She has a sense of style that evokes feelings of joy, it makes you feel like something fun is about to happen. Her clothes are joyful. Each one has their own personality.

In-store they sell so quickly, that they don't make it to being online. But hey, we are in a pandemic and in-store is not practical or safe . Lucky you because here they are.... ;)

These pieces are important. They have been purposely designed to say "HERE I AM!". So the wearer can advocate,  that closing the cycle of waste can sill be about being stylish, supporting creativity and art in fashion.