Banksia Aroma Pod + Eucalyptus Oil

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Our Aroma Pod is handmade from the Australian sourced material, Banksia Grandis. The Aroma Pod is 100% natural 

  • Collected under strict State Forestry conditions by licensed pickers
  • The Banksia will soak up the oil and fragrance your room for weeks
  • Size of pod is approx 6x6 cms. Oil is 15ml.

This beautiful aroma pod has been hand turned by Anthony Hansen. Each one is a one off piece finely crafted from the iconic and uniquely Australian Banksia seed pod.

Banksia Aroma Pods are a #PlasticFree alternative and a great way to diffuse essential oils for those who are wanting to reduce plastic waste.

Most ultrasonic diffusers have a plastic chamber inside it to hold water and essential oils. But did you know with prolonged use some essential oils can become corrosive to plastic!?

It’s thought that this may cause potentially harmful particles to be released into the air. Using plastic diffusers can also chemically react with essentials oils and at times can lower or change their beneficial properties.