Guest speaking

Yvie the business founder is passionate about Fair Trade and will speak at events for free.

Topics include:

  • What is Fair Trade and how it differs from the standard economic model
  • The story of stuff
  • Fair Trade the movement. How we go to where we are now.
  • How to become a Fair Trader and Fair Trade success stories
  • The slave trade within the rag trade
  • Fair Trade labels, why some have them and others don’t
  • plus more….

The dream is to see this world become a better place as a direct result from people purchasing products that  are Fairly Traded. To create that purchasing culture, people need to hear about what it’s all about. They need to be AWARE and that is this our goal and thus why we are called “Aware…The social design project”.

To arrange a talk please fill in the contact form below:

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