Waste Not Jacket - Indigo

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This is it - your favourite winter jacket. Double layered khadi cotton - it has a winter weight but is breathable and cool enough to pop on for Spring and Autumn or cool summer nights. A fabulous statement piece to jazz up any outfit. Falls just below the thigh. 


  • 100% cotton
  • Eco Dyed
  • Re use of precious heavy weight Khadi fabrics (hand loomed and hand hand woven)
  • Lined in heavy weight un-dyed Khadi (so the jacket is warm and offers protection from the wind)
  • Hand stitched detailing

These jackets are made from all the beautiful eco dyed or block printed fabric pieces left over from garments made by The Stitching Project, thoughtfully pieced together to form a beautiful patchwork, and then hand stitched for detail. The natural khadi cotton lining (no polyester here!) has "Waste Not Want Not' blockprint detail so you can wear your values close.

Ethically made by The Stitching Project, a social enterprise based in rural Rajasthan, India, dedicated to producing quality work that contributes fairly to the livelihood of the producer, whilst celebrating traditional artisan skills.