Cranki Franki - Tassel Kaftan

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This Kaftan is made from 100% light weight cotton. The drape is beautiful. Fits size 10-18.

It was scarf that has been restyled and mended. There is slight pulling on fabric but only noticeable when it is examined closely. It has been reinforced with a fabric binding around the neck and front. 

There is only ONE of this Kaftan. It is unique. When we all come out of our caves we will want something to celebrate in that says,  "lets do life better and make consumerism a solution to something (such as employment and creativity etc), rather than a problem for society (such as waste and exploitation)".

Let me tell you about Bree the owner of Cranki Franki. She is an artist with a fine arts degree. She has a sense of style that evokes feelings of joy, it makes you feel like something fun is about to happen. Her clothes are joyful. Each one has their own personality. 

In-store they sell so quickly, that they don't make it to being online. But hey, we are in a pandemic and coming in-store is not practical or safe . Lucky you because here they are.... ;)

These pieces are important. They have been purposely designed to say "HERE I AM!". So the wearer can advocate,  that closing the cycle of waste can sill be about style, supporting creativity and art in fashion.