New Shop and Up-cycle Studio. My Web Site is Back Up. And I Am Getting my Groove Back :) :)

New Shop and Up-cycle Studio. My Web Site is Back Up. And I Am Getting my Groove Back :) :)

Some exciting news……Firstly the “The Fair Trade Hub” is open for business! The store is a collaboration between myself and Carina from “The Fair Trade Way”. This is our 5th year working together and popping up as “The Fair Trade Hub”.  Our new shop is located at Shop 55, Stockland Glendale, right beside the sushi bar, EB Games and Kmart. Also, just a few stores up is a café called Boho Black, they make a great coffee and have a huge children’s play area. So many good reasons to come say hi .

Carina and I go way back, as members of the Fair Trade Association and The NSW Fair Trade Networking group, we were founding members of the still successful “Fair Trade Emporium”. We started as a pop up in Paddington, Sydney, and then moved to the Addison community centre in Marrickville, Sydney. Carina said “Let’s do something locally!” and after years of commuting to Sydney from Lake Macquarie I was like “Yeeeesss, I am in!”.

The second bit of exciting news is that my sewing studio is up and running. The plan is to create and build more up-cycled designs using remnants and excess stock -  handmade by me. Over the 6 years I have been in business I have kept a most of my seconds and left overs  – Now is the time to work some Frankensteining magic on them. I have so many ideas my head is feels like it will explode! This project is very close to my heart, it’s just a matter of finding the time around my hours working at The Fair Trade Hub.

Thirdly, I am launching this web site. I turned it off for a while because I just didn’t have the time to work on it. Also, I’m dyslexic and a perfectionist so I was always putting off getting it back up because I was too embarrassed that it wasn’t good enough. My husband made a wonderful suggestion, he said just be honest about it, and ask for help to review it. So peeps, if you see an error please let me know so I can fix it. I need to own the fact that my spelling is not a strength and get this site up so I can make my product more accessible to you.

And finally, after losing a close friend tragically last year, I promised to take control of my life and to have a better life and work balance - I want to get my groove back! This year’s designs which are being launched in August are an echo of this goal and ethos. The 2019 - 2020 Earth Collection has been designed for comfort, to live life to the fullest and to have fun. The range is artisan (featuring Ikat and hand embroidery). The fabric is Fair Trade, organic cotton and eco dyed (sourced through Moral Fibre and A&A Eco). And there are pockets. I want the clothes to allow the wearer to feel less restricted by their life and more connected to the positive vibes and love that has gone into making their garment.

Lots of Love,

Yvie xo