About us…

‘AWARE…The social design project’ aims to provide fashion, accessories and goods that will strike your innermost socially aware sensibilities by the following AWARE principles:

Be AWARE… That we have an ethical responsibility to play fair: 

Fair wages, fair to the environment and a fair opportunity to provide a chance for a fair quality of life for those in most need. All products are sourced with this in mind. We are a member of Fair Trade Australia and New Zealand.

Be AWARE… of what is TRUE value for money:

True value is a product that best cares for our environment, offers a solution to humanitarian issues, celebrates cultural differences and seeks to protect generations of passed down knowledge in artisan skills, such as block printed fabrics and hand embroidered clothing etc.


Be AWARE… of what needs to change:

Business has an obligation to look further than just measuring success by financial outcomes and short term profit.

Be AWARE… of what consumers want:

Consumers need desirable fashion designs that will motivate and empower them to cast their vote for change.

This project is to prove that it can be done…

To follow this journey visit and “like” our Facebook page:


The journey

ABN: 81814767962



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