2017 FOCUS is ‘Advocacy for Fair Trade’

Why is our 2017 focus on ‘Advocacy for Fair Trade’? Firstly because there is so much greenwashing going on and secondly, the fact that ethical and Fair Trade is being confused as being the same thing. Both sound good, but they are not the same.

We believe that social redesign by consumer power is achieved  only through awareness and understanding the marketing terminology used to greenwash us. Unfortunately the word ‘ethical’ is a biggie, it sounds so promising right? However, there is not a standard definition for ‘ethical’, nor an accountability mechanism  or production process for this word.     

Fair Trade on the other hand is clearly defined as bringing about ‘stable prices, decent working conditions and the empowerment of farmers and workers around the world’ (Source: http://fairtrade.com.au/en-au/what-is-fairtrade). A Fair Trade trader commits to all of the following ten fair trade principles:

Fair Trade  has set requirements whereas with ‘ethical’ there are not.

Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go before the entire fashion industry switches over to Fair Trade and/or a regulated ‘ethical’ production claim, but there are enough guidelines in place for consumers who want to shop ethically now to do so. Guidelines being the operative word. If a label claims to be ‘ethical’ ask them for exact guidelines on how they are being ethical. If someone claims to be a Fair Trader ask them how they achieve the 10 Fair Trade principles. 

Basically, if we look for the ethical details, request guidelines and ask “who made my clothes?”, we are on the way to becoming fashion revolutionaries, consumers who truly have the power to regulate greenwashing and change our social design for the better.

#FairTrade #FashRev #ConsumerPower #Notgullible #Awarnessiskey #Whomademyclothes? #lookforguidlines #askforguidlines

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