Why Fair Trade? A story to highlight what its like to live in desperation.


Rani’s elfin face looked weary and whitewashed, the emotion glistening in her wide, brown, almond shaped eyes. The tears held back, caught by her thick black lashes.

She looked at her child waving excitedly in innocence, as 3 year olds do. She forced a smile goodbye, all the while her entire being mentally reached out to cling onto him. In her mind she was going wild, fighting the urge to pull her child back. But she clenched her teeth and braced her trembling hands to her side; it took all of her will power to do so.

Her stomach churned, as she watched in gutted defeat, as her offspring became a speck, and then a nothing.

This mother’s heart felt an unsurmountable depth of pain. Suddenly, taking breaths was like breathing shards of glass. The tears broke free and she weep aloud with convulsive gasping. The sound a summation of the horror she felt at what she had done.

The decision was made; “it was best for the child” – Wasn’t it? There was nothing more that could be done now. He was gone, and all that was left was a desperate love, longing, and a life long regret.

There was no one there to witness her pain. Her body dropped, thudding onto the ground, her arms limped at her side, her head bowed down and the liquid sorrow streamed down her cheeks, soaking the black hair that was cascaded about her face.

Transfixed by the sense of loss, she stayed there rocking and weeping from sunset till dawn, until she had to leave for work. There she sewed earning enough to survive on, but not enough to provide the life she wanted for her son.


This is why Fair Trade is important, because without it, life is not fair. Below is a diagram that illustrates the disparity of the average minimum wage across the world. Please note that it doesn’t factor into it slave labour (Chart in US dollars).

Have you ever wondered what is the price of what you wear, drink or eat? Statistics like the above and knowing about the exploitation of workers such as that of Elaina’s family  (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jul/20/poverty-tea-pickers-india-child-slavery) made me wonder about this fact and what I would be prepared to do if I was in their situation, hence the fictional piece above. The story’s objective is to highlight the desperation that many slave labour workers live under.

Please consider Fair Trade options. By doing so your choices can change the world and the destiny of many.

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